Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Tangled Lies — Available now from Waterfall Press

Tangled Lies

TANGLED LIES is now available!

I am thrilled that my new Florida-set romantic suspense is now available from Waterfall Press. TANGLED LIES features a boat captain heroine, so I had a blast writing her. I can’t wait to introduce you to Sasha and Jesse and hear what you think of their story. (Read the cover copy below.)

WHERE TO GET A COPY: Tangled Lies is available on Amazon in print, eBook and Audio book . (To order, simply click on the links.)

SPECIAL SALE: As a Kindle Summer Reading Deal, TANGLED LIES is ONLY $1.99 until August 31st. Hope you’ll grab a copy! :)

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DOG DAYS OF AUGUST GIVEAWAY: I’m excited about giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card AND a print copy of TANGLED Lies in a special contest over at Fresh Fiction. But hurry, the contest ends August 29th. Click here to enter — please tell a friend, too, would you?


Best-selling author DiAnn Mills said, “Connie Mann has penned a romantic suspense that captures the reader on the first page with a deadly secret and refuses to let go until the last word—masterful pacing.”

“Action and danger bring coastal Florida to life as compelling characters seek to unravel long-held secrets before time runs out. In Tangled Lies, Mann does it again . . . a surefire must-read.”  ~ Lisa Carter, award-winning romantic suspense author

“Connie Mann has crafted a unique suspense with the sea as a backdrop for hidden danger and exciting romantic interludes. Prepare to be swept away!” ~ Katy Lee – RITA® Award-nominated Author

Here’s a bit about TANGLED LIES:

Sasha is used to storms at sea, but nothing has prepared her for the ones raging in Safe Harbor—and in her heart.

Orphaned as a child in Russia, boat captain Sasha Petrov has spent most of her life adrift, anchored only by her loving foster family. So when they beg her to return to the family marina in Safe Harbor, Florida, for Mama’s sixtieth birthday, Sasha complies, hoping to put the past behind her. But Mama has other plans: she wants her three foster daughters to find Tony, the biological son who disappeared twenty years earlier.

Sasha agrees to try, but that’s easier said than done when bad boy Jesse Claybourne shows up, reigniting an old attraction. Back in Safe Harbor on a quest of his own, Jesse gets tangled up in Sasha’s search, and soon the two are close to uncovering an old town secret that some will stop at nothing to protect.

When Sasha’s dog and Jesse are attacked, they realize the past is hiding something more sinister than they ever imagined. Can they expose the truth without destroying Sasha’s family and breaking each other’s hearts, or are they sailing against the wind?


  1. I cannot wait for its release😀😀😀😀

  2. Sounds great, Connie. So proud of you!!!

  3. I pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to read it! The story sounds great!

  4. Adding it to my “want to read” list!

  5. Alfredo Olavidez

    Praying for a wide circulation of the book.

  6. Diane Blaskowski

    Can’t wait to read your new book! Sounds awesome!

  7. I look forward to reading your book. Let me know what I can post for you on FB. Live is a bit crazy right now, but I’ll help any of my friends as much as I can.

  8. Release day is right around the corner! I am getting so excited for you. If I can help promote let me know. I’ll put you on my timeline. I’ll post a review. If there’s anything else I can do to help, just let me know.

  9. sonnetta jones

    I love the premise of the story. I have been watching Long Lost Family on TLC. I always wanted to know how the you go about finding the child you gave up for adoption and what role do fill in that child’s life.

    • Thanks, Sonnetta. I hope you enjoy the story. Tangled Lies is about finding a missing child, rather than an adoption situation, but both are very emotional situations.

  10. Hi Connie:

    I enjoyed your visit to Seekerville. I just downloaded your “Tangled Lives” ebook and the Audible file to my computer. I plan to both read and listen to the book and compare the two experiences.

    I really admire your cover. The artist did a great job. You have the emotional elements of a sunset (that color sky just says ‘Florida’ to me), a dog, sail boats (a symbol for escape), and a heroine with no face so she can be just what the reader imagines her to be. The image suggests danger (the woman is on the edge), the photo seems dynamic — as if it were moving,(the lower the sun gets, the more it seems to be moving) the clouds suggest a storm and danger.

    The large type font for your name makes the book already look like a best seller. (When you have a best selling author you make the author’s name prominent on the cover). Besides, having the woman stand ‘at attention’ in a laidback resort atmosphere and then seemingly standing on one leg, like one of those famous Florida Flamingos, creates an emotional dynamic — even if the viewer never notices these elements of the artwork at work.

    I’ve spent a career in advertising and marketing and I’ll tell you this: that cover art sold me on the book the moment I saw it. You have a real winner in the artist! Now you just need to get that cover in front of as many eyes as possible!


    • Vince, Thanks so much for taking the time to look me up and give me your thoughts on the cover, especially someone with a marketing/advertising background. The designer that Waterfall Press used is absolutely fabulous! I could not have asked for a better or more eye-catching design. I so appreciate you ordering two versions of the book. Wow. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of the differences in the two experiences. I’m open to any ideas on spreading the word–appreciate the encouragement.

  11. Gwendolyn Hearn

    I really enjoyed meeting you on Wednesday. Bought a copy of Tangled Lies. Already read it, enjoyed it very much, I laughed and even cried a little, everything I enjoy in a book. I will be looking for future books and also already published books. Gwen Hearn

    • Gwen–It was so lovely to meet you on Wednesday! Thanks for coming and buying a copy of Tangled Lies. I am SO delighted that you enjoyed it. Hooray! That means the world to a writer. Enjoy your summer and happy quilting!

  12. Connie,
    What a wonderful presentation Tues at Freedom Public Library. So good to meet you.
    I am 3/4 thru Tangled Lies and just love it. That is my kind of book. Will connect when
    I finish and look forward to more of your books.
    Sincerely, Marilyn Wilson

    • It was so good to meet you, too, Marilyn! Many thanks for coming. And I’m delighted that you are enjoying Tangled Lies. I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter so you’ll always know what’s next! Many thanks, Connie

  13. Connie
    Thanks again for the copy of Tangled Lies! You commented that I read fast….when I am reading a book I really enjoy, i hate putting it down! I’m retired so no job to worry about and I can read the day away!! I will have to read your other books now.
    My best
    Trude Vandine

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