Monday, November 30, 2015
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Clearing out the Leaves

Hubby Tackling the Leaf Mounds

Last week, a friend visiting Florida from New York looked at the mountains of leaves in our yard and asked, “Why are the leaves falling now? It’s spring.” I smiled, even as I choked on clouds of pollen, and showed her the layer of green that coats everything these days. Here in Central Florida, the stately live oaks shed their ... Read More »

Do You Need to Give Yourself Permission?

Motto: Fiction 2015

Sometimes, you realize it’s time to make some changes, to do things differently. It’s been said many times that the sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing—and expect different results. Since I was a child, fiction has been the thing that tugs on my heart, that whispers in my ear to grab paper and pen, that makes ... Read More »

When You Worry You Are Not Enough

Avis Goodhart Cover

I do my level best not to compare myself to others, but there are moments when I’m innocently scrolling through my Facebook or Twitter feed (i.e. procrastinating) when it suddenly hits me: there are some seriously accomplished individuals out there. Often far younger than me, these folks are on best-seller lists and have traveled the globe. They have started organizations ... Read More »

One Simple Way to Find Your Purpose


We hear a lot about purpose these days, about finding it and living it. I’ve read dozens and dozens of blogs and articles and some of them make the whole process seem so complicated, it’s a wonder anyone ever figures it out. There are checklists and surveys and admonitions to choose carefully. As though, if we’re not paying attention, or ... Read More »

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