The School in a Cart

     During college, I spent six weeks in Manila, Philippines, and left a big chunk of my heart with the street children there. I saw a heartbreaking number of small children begging in the streets and families living in cardboard boxes and shacks built from scavenged scraps. It changed my perspective forever.

     I was delighted to meet fellow writer Sara Goff several years ago and discover the 501(c) (3) charity she founded, called Lift the Lid. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Lift the Lid helps struggling schools in developing countries. An education is the best chance these children have for a better life. Lift the Lid works to encourage creativity in the students, which builds confidence and inspires hope for the future and helps keep them in school.

     One of the projects Lift the Lid supports is The School in a Cart in Manila, which works with the street children there. They offer tutoring and meals, provide school fees and uniforms–even a shower for those who can’t get one otherwise.

     They’ve also started a music program, teaching the children to play instruments and thereby encourage their creativity and motivate them to stay in school and practice at the center, rather than begging in the streets.

     I am always inspired by the stories the children write. Their circumstances break my heart, but their strength and spirit offer great hope for the future.

     Jordan is part of the School in a Cart. Now 14, he left home at 10, frustrated by the lack of support at home. But he is now back in school and working hard toward a solid future. You can read his story here.

     To find out how you can make a difference in the lives of these children, please visit