Has this ever happened to you? You leave a restaurant after dinner with friends, and on the way home, you realize you missed most of the evening. There was so much internal noise in your head, you can’t recall exactly what you ate, and you only have a hazy recollection of the conversations around the table. You were there…but you weren’t.

How to live in the Moment

In our crazy, hurry-up world, it takes focus in order to live in the moment. Unless we’re deliberate about being present, we can easily make the mistake of only being physically there. Our body is sitting in the chair, but our mind is thinking ahead to the next item on the to-do list. Or our emotions are somewhere in the past, replaying some past tragedy or triumph, or we’re looking ahead to the next possible disaster.

Unless we’re intentional, we can miss the most important thing: today.

Right now.

Girl's Day at mcIntosh 1890s Festival

Girl’s Day at McIntosh 1890s Festival

7 Tips to Live in the Moment

  1. Quiet your internal chatter so you can focus on what the person is saying.
  2. Pay attention to the world around you. Remember the admonition to smell the roses?
  3. Ban cell phones at meals, either at home or when you’re out.
  4. Declare one day a week technology free. (For me, that’s usually Sunday.)
  5. Turn off social media apps on your phone.
  6. Look people in the eye when you talk.
  7. Take advantage of opportunities to make memories. Schedule them, if necessary.

At the end of the day, our most valuable treasure is the people who share our lives. Are we giving them our full attention?

What strategies do you use to live in the moment? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.