orchid reborn

Orchid reborn

I love flowers. I love seeing them bloom, love receiving cut flower bouquets, love the way they smell.

Yet when someone gives me a potted plant, I panic. I can’t keep them alive for anything. Mainly it’s because I forget to water them. Other times, I get overzealous and water too much. Over time, my landscaping philosophy has been to inform plants that if they can’t survive without any attention from me, they should pull up roots and move to another yard.

As a result, we have rather, um, natural-looking flowerbeds.

But last spring, my sister-in-law gave me a beautiful orchid and I was absolutely determined that this time, things would be different. This little beauty would not only survive my care; it would thrive.

That lasted about a month. I watered and then stopped watering. I researched, I consulted gardening friends who had amazing plants. Nothing. The poor thing shriveled up and looked pitiful.

Eventually, I gave up and told hubby to pitch my once-beautiful orchid. But hubby, you understand, never pitches. Anything. Ever.

So imagine my surprise when I walked past the flower bed (and I use the term loosely) the other day and saw these gorgeous pink and purple blossoms smiling at me. I walked over and looked closer and lo and behold, there was my orchid, blooming its little heart out.

With zero help from me.

As I stood there in wonder, I was reminded that sometimes, the best way we can help a situation is to let go. When we’ve done all we can with a project or a relationship, when we’ve exhausted our supply of answers or solutions, sometimes, we have to take our hands off and move on. Maybe things will be renewed and bloom in a different way down the road. And maybe, sadly, they won’t. But in either case, after we have tried everything we can to fix, improve, or salvage this “orchid” we hold dear, the only thing left is to let go.

Maybe forever. But maybe, like my orchid, just for a time.

Are there things you need to let go of today? Remember that just because it seems hopeless and dead, doesn’t necessarily mean it is.