This simple question really made me think. I had never thought of myself as either a starter or a finisher—until last week. During the Blogging Your Passion webinar I’m taking (which is fabulous, by the way), one of the hosts, Jonathan Milligan, described himself as a starter, not a finisher.

Somehow, the description resonated inside me, in a big, uncomfortable, gee-I-might-have-to-change way. I will admit I am most definitely a starter, as those who know me will attest. I love to try new things, see new places, eat new food, meet new people, start new projects…

…and that’s where I get into trouble. I often leap first and scramble for a plan in midair. Or worse, I wing it without one and then halfway through the home improvement or writing or (fill in the blank) project I hit a small snag—or a really big unmovable boulder—and give up in frustration. Then, of course, I start something new and the crazy cycle starts all over again. Eventually, my life is littered with half-finished projects. Or worse, with things that seemed like a really good idea at the time.

It’s sort of like this:

Florida alligator

Captain Virgina and me

We wrestled him into submission…now what are we going to do with him???

Florida alligator

Now what?

Ok, we obviously didn’t trap this gator—I’m not tangling with one of these bad boys! He was prepping for his starring role in a nature program video shoot and we were having a bit of fun.

Whatever you’re working on, and whether you’re a starter or a finisher, make a plan and dive in. Then just keep swimming and swimming and swimming…you’ll get there eventually.

I’m taking my own advice by putting the blogging knowledge I’m gaining in my class to good use. So if you visit my site next time and things are a little funky-looking, know I’m trying to get my new-and-improved blog FINISHED and tweaked. I hope you’ll come back to see how it looks and give me your feedback.

So, are you a starter or a finisher? How do you stay on course? I’d love to hear from you.