I saw this question online the other day and at first, I dismissed it. Of course I’m living my priorities. No question. I even have a lovely plaque in my family room to remind me. It reads: Faith, Family, Friends.

Simple, right?

Maybe, maybe not. The more I thought about it, the more questions came to mind. What does living my priorities look like? Not on a plaque or in theory, but in real, everyday practice. If faith is item number one, then how much time have I given to that today? The same holds true for family and friends.

I realized that my priority list, while decorative, was too vague. It looks good on the wall, but is not something easily lived out. I need a practical list, one that’s doable, with specific, measurable steps I can take.

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day, a day specifically set aside to honor the memory of those who gave their all for our country. Each of those men and women sacrificed everything for the United States of America. For us.

Their example not only gets me choked up, but it humbles me with gratitude. Thank you for paying the ultimate price for the freedoms we often take for granted. We salute you!

When I think of our military in terms of priorities, they know exactly what their mission is, and they have counted the cost of carrying it out.

What about your priorities? Have you thought much about them lately? Sometimes, life and circumstance dictate what’s important, be it small children, aging parents, a sick spouse. At those times, everything shifts and it’s easy to see what comes first.

At other seasons in life, things aren’t as clear and we have choices to make.

If you haven’t thought about it in a while, make a priority list. And then see if how you’re spending your time supports what you think is important.

If you’re like me, you may have some adjustments to make.

Are you living your priorities today?

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