It seems we are always in a hurry.

From the time we learn to talk, we start longing for the next thing.
In pre-school, we count the days until we start elementary school.
In elementary school, we long for middle school.
In middle school, we chomp at the bit, waiting for high school.
In high school, we long for a driver’s license, a car, a prom date, graduation.

It doesn’t stop after high school, either.

Next we long to finish college or get a “real” job.
We long for a serious relationship, to get married.
Then we long to have children.

Once the children arrive, we keep reaching ahead.
We long for the toddlers to get potty trained,
For the pre-schoolers to go off to school.
And then we long for the teens to head off on their own.

As writers, we long to sell that first book.
Then to sell the second book.
To hit the best-seller list.

When does it end???

If we’re not careful and we don’t consciously stop and look around, we’ll spend our whole lives missing right now. If our focus is always on the next thing, we won’t enjoy or appreciate the blessings of right now. Today.

Of course we have to plan for tomorrow. Goals matter. Dreams matter.

But let’s not forget to savor the beauty of this moment, this stage, these precious people we get to share life with.

Take a deep breath. Look around. Pass out big hugs and make some memories!

Connie Mann

Enjoying Labor Day with Family

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