While everyone I know is running full-tilt into the craziness and insane pace of the holiday season, I find myself doing the opposite. One small step at a time, I’ve quietly eased back from the noise and pull of the lights and started tiptoeing in the opposite direction.

Too many boxes of Christmas decorations litter my garage floor, but I’m not ready to tackle those yet. There are things I need to do first.

I need to regroup. Refocus. It’s past time to purge the clutter—both physical and mental.

Endless quips and quotes have been running through my head:

“A straight line is the shortest distance between two points.” ~Einstein

“Keep the main thing the main thing.” ~Stephen Covey

“This one thing I do; not these many things I dabble in.” ~D.L. Moody

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Confucius

On and on the admonishments go, reminding me that I’ve gotten off track somewhere. My writing has gotten buried under too many “shoulds” and overcrowded schedules and the ever-present tyranny of the urgent.

I am making changes. I’m getting back to basics.

I just read The Writer’s Manifesto, a short (really short) eBook by Jeff Goins. It was exactly what I needed.

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Or, if you’re not a joiner, click on the book cover to purchase a Kindle edition of The Writer’s Manifesto for $.99.

It reminded me that I write because I’m a writer.

I can’t not write.

For today, this is where I’ll start. By writing. Will you join me?