Why You Need a Zip Line Adventure

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Can we do it again?

Sometimes, important truths sneak out of hiding and rush right up into our faces—at the most unexpected times and in the most unusual settings.

This happened recently, when good friends invited hubby and me and another couple to join them for a Zip Line Adventure. In case you’re unfamiliar with zip-lining, it’s an outdoor activity where you don a helmet and harness and get hooked to a cable before you step off a platform and zoom along at speeds upwards of 30 mph. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but discovered it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds!

Ready for Adventure

Ready for Adventure

Perceptions Can Be Deceiving

The place we went is called The Canyons ZipLine & Canopy Tours, a name that makes perfect sense if you live in say, North Carolina. This is Ocala, Florida, which has never, ever been known for anything resembling a canyon. Florida is generally flat. We saw pictures on the website, which said the property had been a limestone quarry that closed in the 1920’s, but…still. We were skeptical. Until we arrived and saw this.

Our first view of The Canyons

Our first view of The Canyons

Trust the Guides

There were eight people in our group, plus two guides. The guides were lots of fun, but even in the midst of their banter, they were checking our gear and giving instructions. Especially on how to stop.  “If you see my arms out straight, start slowing down. But if you see me flapping my arms, you are coming in hot and need to brake harder.”

Coming in "hot" (too fast)

Coming in “hot” (too fast)

Safety Yes, but Don’t Miss the Ride

After we conquered the “Bunny Zip” (the equivalent of skiing’s bunny slope), we moved on to longer, faster zip lines. The guides reminded us several times, “Don’t forget to look around and enjoy the ride. You know how to do this. Don’t miss the sights.”

Don't forget to enjoy the ride

Don’t forget to enjoy the ride

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

This was uncharted territory for most of us, so we arrived with a mix of excitement and uncertainty fluttering in our bellies. But every single one of us was ready to do it again. And again. The beauty was incredible and the rush of zipping along, breathtaking.  Think of all we’d have missed if we had let fear hold us back.

Can we do it again?

Can we do it again?

Now I know this isn’t something everyone can—or should, for health reasons—do. But when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something totally new and completely different?

I’d love to hear about it.

And if you haven’t taken a risk lately, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s the equivalent of the Bunny Zip. It will be worth it.



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  1. Great article Connie. It just popped up on FB as I was getting ready to exit. Sorry about the whole seeds thing but I am very glad to have connected with you.

  2. Sara Goff says:

    What a day to remember! You message about managing fear speaks to me. Thank you!