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Three Generations_2013

Last week’s Suspense Author Blog Hop was fun, wasn’t it? Many thanks to everyone who joined in. I had a blast meeting new readers and finding new authors to check out, too.

Three Generations_2013

Taking a writing break at Symphony Under the Stars with my lovely Mom and daughter

This week will be equally fun—with a dose of encouragement thrown in, too!  I’ll be at several places in cyberspace and hope you’ll join me there.

First, I wrote about Beating Stereotypes for the CAN blog…

Remember the Glamour Shot phenomenon twenty years ago? Average women would walk into a mall photo studio and come out with a stack of photos that made them look like movie stars. Big hair, heavy make-up, sultry smiles and feather boas were hallmarks of the look. Often, the photo bore little-to-no resemblance to the real woman smiling for the camera. But that was the idea: to be glamorous—even if only for a little while.

Too often, I think we are tempted to offer the world a glamour-shot picture of ourselves. We think we’re “supposed” to be, look and act a certain way. We pretend to be someone we’re not, because we’re afraid we won’t measure up to the dreaded “shoulds.”

Think about it. You probably have a list in your head.

As a writer/spouse/parent/friend, I should (fill in the blank).

…to read the whole article, click HERE:

–I’m also a guest on Kimberly Johnson’s blog this week. As part of the interview, she asked: “What is one thing about you that would surprise people?”

Want to know what it is? I hope you’ll stop by to find out. If we get TEN comments on Kimberly’s Weekly Musings, I’ll give away another copy of Angel Falls at the end of the week. How fun is that? Would you tell a friend?

–On Wednesday—which happens to be my birthday—I’ll be at Deborah Vogts Country at Heart blog to share one of my favorite summer recipes.  It goes great with Brazilian black beans and rice, too. Yum! Click here to stop by and check it out.

–And on Saturday, I get to teach a workshop called, BE BRAVE. If you live anywhere near Homosassa  Springs, Florida, I hope you’ll swing by the Homosassa Public Library at 10:00 a.m. and join us. We would love to see you there!

So, what strategies do you use to beat stereotypes??

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