Making Children’s Dreams Come True

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Is there anything on earth more exciting or humbling than when a child whispers their dreams for the future in your ear? So hopeful, so thrilled; they know that whatever they dream is possible. They can be and do anything they want.

I caught a glimpse of just such hope recently. I heard 17 young children, ages 7-9, tell everyone in the auditorium their hopes for the future. Their dreams were as varied as the children themselves. Some wanted to be pilots and doctors; still others teachers and pastors and nurses.

Not such unusual dreams. Until you discover where the children come from. They hail from seven different African nations, where internal strife and war are common. Where food and medical care and hope are in short supply.

But for these 17 children, the future is bright. They laughed and sang and danced on stage with enough energy to exhaust all of us in the audience. Hope shone from every smiling face.

African Children's choir

The African Children's Choir


These children are part of the African Children’s Choir currently touring the United States and Canada. Most of the choir children have lost one or both parents, but adoption is not the goal here. Education is.

Thanks to generous sponsors, each of the choir children will be educated all the way through college and to their dreams. The organization’s goal is “Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow.”

For more information on the African Children’s Choir or how you can help make a child’s dreams come true, please go to:

We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change the world for one child.

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