Never Give Up – Dreams DO Come True

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Here’s how I know dreams DO come true: it is happening in my life right now. I feel like a five- year-old counting down to Christmas– bouncing on my toes like Tigger, too excited to sleep, grinning like a fool.

On Thursday, I’m boarding a jet plane for Europe and a two- week writing assignment for Wycliffe Global Alliance. We’ll be in Denmark and Romania, where I’ll get to interview folks and learn about their passion and ministry – and then write about it! This amazing adventure is the culmination of years of dreaming and lots of praying.

How the Dream Started…
My awesome friend and fellow writer, Leslie Santamaria, and I get together every December to review our goals for the previous year – and to set new ones for the coming year. For many years, one of my big dream goals has been: Travel the world to see what God is doing and write about it.

So every year I’ve asked God, “Now? Is it time?” And every year I’ve heard, “Not yet.” So I kept dreaming – and exploring possibilities. Because you can’t just dream, of course; you have to take action. Several times, the dream seemed within reach, only to have things fall apart at the last minute. It was painful, but each time reminded me that God’s timing is always perfect.

Leslie Santamaria and me

Leslie Santamaria and me

One Step at a Time
This year, things changed. Through another fabulous writer friend, Jamie Janosz, whom I’ve known since college, I got in touch with the wonderful folks at Wycliffe Global Alliance – a worldwide Bible translation and literacy organization – and here we are. (Visit Wycliffe’s website)

Follow My Dream Trip
The packing challenge has begun as I attempt to fit everything into a carry-on and backpack.

Would you say a prayer for safe travel for our team? If my technology works as advertised, I hope to be able to blog while I’m on my big adventure.

I hope you’ll stop by to say hello!

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    The Conversation

  1. Safe travels!!! I’m so glad for you–living out your dream!!

  2. Jan Jackson says:

    Really happy for you, Connie. God does answer prayer. Safe journey.

    • Connie Mann says:

      We know God answers prayers, don’t we??? We’ve seen it time and time again–but always on His timetable, not ours. (What’s up with that? Oh, right…He’s God.) Thanks Jan!–Now get that MS written and submitted!!!

  3. Leslie Santamaria says:

    Bouncing on my toes right along with you, my friend!