Romania: Small Churches Making a Big Difference

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Many of you know I had the privilege of traveling to Romania last summer as a writer for the Wycliffe News Network. I met so many wonderful people and had the privilege of hearing their incredible stories.

The stories that affected me most were the accounts of religious persecution and oppression under communism. I heard firsthand accounts from folks who risked their lives to smuggle Bibles. I came home with a new and profound appreciation for the religious freedoms I had previously taken for granted! (And a new determination to make sure those freedoms aren’t taken away.)

Brother Ghita Capota and his family were our hosts in the small town of Margau, Romania. (He and fellow church leader Brother Emil Inga are pictured in the photos.) They are lovely, gracious people who not only told us their stories, but opened their hearts and homes to us.

I’m very excited that the articles from our time in Romania are now available.

To read the full-length version of the article, Small Churches Can Make a Big Difference, please visit the Wycliffe Global Alliance Network site.

There is also a shorter version of the article available here:

If you have a minute, I hope you’ll read the stories–and check out some of the other articles on the sites as well.

And in case you missed any of the previous blogs about Romania, you can read Uncover the Hidden Mesh and Romania’s Gypsy Palaces, too.

May we never take our freedoms for granted. And may we never underestimate what incredible things a small group of dedicated people can accomplish .

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    The Conversation

  1. Katy Lee says:

    I have a place in my heart for the Romanian people. I actually have a whole completed manuscript centering around their plight from being under communism rule for so long. How many of them get involved in internet scamming and hacking because they think that will get them jobs. Don’t know if it will ever get published, 🙂 but if you ever go back again, let me know. I just might join you! It looks like a beautiful place.

    Fascinating articles too! Small churches can make a huge difference just as a young boy with only five loaves of bread and two fish did.

    • Connie Mann says:

      Hi Katy, it is beautiful there, but it was the people who stole my heart! I would love to go back one day. if I do, I’ll let you know for sure. I hope you pursue that story…I think it’s one that should be told…