The Catch of a Lifetime Movie Trailer is here!

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I am beyond excited to announce that the trailer for the Romantic Comedy Feature Film, Catch of a Lifetime, is now available!! (Just click on the link)

That means the movie will be released SOON!

It was my privilege not only to write the screenplay, but I also got to be involved in the filming of the movie. I’m here to tell you that stars Julia Denton and Matthew Ashford—and every single member of the cast and crew—were amazing to work with! I have never had so much fun, and I’ve never been so exhausted in my life!

Here’s a quick look at the story blurb:

The New Romantic Comedy Feature Film

Catch of a Lifetime

Sometimes the best plan…is not having one

For Elaine “Laney” Chalmers, planning = success, and she has a best-selling book and her own Austin, Texas, radio show to prove it. So when she turns up pregnant after an unexpected night of passion, she heads back home to tiny McIntosh, Florida, to hide and re-do her life charts.

She’s thrown completely off balance–yet irresistibly attracted—when Billy Joe Crawley, her impulsive childhood fishing buddy, tries to slowly, carefully reel her in as his catch of a lifetime. Add in nosy neighbors, fishing shenanigans and a scheming grandma, and you’ve got a classic fish-out-of-water story with a new twist.


Matthew Ashford, Julia Denton, Corinne Broskette, Adriana Santos, Nick G. Miller, Twinkle Schascle Yochum, Michael Miller, Dick Westlake, Dean Clarke 

Directed by: Ben Klopfenstein

Studio: Clear Slate Films

Screenplay by:  Connie Neumann, Nick G. Miller, Ben Klopfenstein

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I’ll be posting more behind-the-scenes info and photos in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for sharing our excitement! We have been eagerly awaiting this day for what seems like forever. 

Feel free to forward, tweet and generally talk up the movie trailer to all and sundry. We are excited about getting the word out!

I’d love to hear what you think of the trailer…

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