What would you like to see here?

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When my very talented web designer son helped me set up my blog, I thought I wanted everything basic and simple. But I’ve discovered since that I want it to do a bit more than I realized.

So this is where you come in, if you’re willing.  My goal with my site is to offer encouragement and inspiration to others traveling a journey similar to mine. How can I do a better job with that?

I want this to be a place you stop by regularly to see what’s new; a place to get inspired to keep going, keep chasing your dreams.

 What features would you like to see?

 Here are some ideas I’ve been toying with:

  • More interviews with writers, artists, photographers and creative types from all areas.
  • Some travel pieces (from my own trips & others)
  • Book reviews – fiction and non-fiction
  • Writing tips and strategies
  • Spotlights on ministries, businesses & those who made them happen
  • The occasional bit of home décor and quick recipes
  • More photos throughout the site
  • More nature-based blogs

Do any of those ideas appeal to you in a great way? What other things would you like to see here?

I so appreciate that you take the time to drop by and read what I’ve written. I am honored, especially because I know your schedules are as jam-packed as mine.

I want to make sure my blog is worth your time. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions on making this blog your one-stop shop for inspiration and encouragement!

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

 Have an awesome day!

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    The Conversation

  1. Chantale says:

    Hi Connie,

    You have a beautiful blog. I wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures throughout the blog or writing tips and strategies. I love the color, very calming.

    • Connie Mann says:

      Thanks so much for the compliment–and the great suggestions, Chantale. Just yesterday I had my camera out to get some more photos ready to go!

  2. Interviews and reviews will draw more readers to your blog. That has helped mine. I invite not only authors, but editors, agents, anyone connected with the writing industry.

  3. Celia Yeary says:

    I’m not exactly an expert, but I did a blog and survey to learn what readers like. One–you need a core theme (mine? Celia Yeary-Romance…and a little bit of Texas), so now that’s my tagline and how I’m known.Remember…your blog is all about YOU.

    If you’re a expert on writing and editing, then by all means, be one and do posts to help the writer. But if you’re a bit more like I am–learning along as I go–everyone knows I’m not an expert there. But I do post “writerly” things, usually with something I’m having trouble with, and often, I ask questions.

    In my survey: Readers like: short posts, photos, personal posts, simple…don’t teach a class…specifically, readers respond when you say or show something they relate to.Readers generally like some interviews, but they do not love them. I’ve seen a few unique interviews I and everyone else liked.
    Note: Over a two-year period, the post with the greatest number of views was (The Victorian Period in American: “Too Much is Not Enough.”) At last count, I have 1500 views. Why? I have no clue. Good luck with your very lovely blog…
    Celia Yeary-Romance…and a little bit ‘o Texas

  4. How about more links? I can’t tell you how many new authors, websites, blogs, review sites I’ve discovered when exploring other blogs. By the way, your blog is very pretty and fresh. Easy to navigate.


    • Connie Mann says:

      Absolutely, Tory! That’s one of the big things I realized I’m missing. Always good to have my suspicions confirmed. Glad you like the look, too! Thanks so much!

  5. Terry Odell says:

    OK, I’m going to disagree with Wynter (not unheard of) because interviews on blogs seem to be a dime a dozen, and I rarely stop to read them. Of course, I’m a bit of a hypocrit here, because I have no problem giving interviews when someone invites me to do so.

    I invite guests to my blog to share bits of their own lives, be it writing related or not–I’ve had guests talk about travel, pets, hobbies–you name it. (Ever heard of quilling? Not quilting, quilling. One of my guests talked about that and it was fascinating.)

    Anyway, a lot depends on your target. If you’re looking to help writers, then writing topics are good. I get a lot of hits on my blog days where I share craft tips. But I try to break it up with real life stuff as well. We’re not only writers, we’re “regular” people (though some might dispute that) and I think readers like to see some of that as well.

    OK — looks like my response is longer than your post! Good luck.

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  6. Mona Risk says:

    Connie, your ideas are great. It’s basically what I do on my blog. I like the light blue as background color. Quite serene. Now persistence is the name of the game.

    • Connie Mann says:

      Hi Mona, isn’t that the truth!! But persistence has always been a big part of it, right?? Thanks so much for the encouragement. I appreciate it.

  7. donna l bolk says:

    Wonderful blog, I’m all about more author interviews ;0) And I love the pictures.

    take care, Donna

  8. Connie,

    I think your blog is colorful and very eye-appealing. All the topics you’ve listed sound interesting.

    I keep thinking I should put up a blog, I just don’t have the courage to tackle it.

    Good job!

  9. Mimi Barbour says:

    Hi Connie,
    What if you were to invite guests to give descriptions of their latest convention or conference experience and that could be from any one of a number of places. I’ve often wondered which of these different venues would be a too-good-to-miss kind of workshop that I’d go out of my way to get to. I’d be happy to be your first guest in this scenerio as I’ll be attending the “Write On” conference in Vancouver May 13&14th with Michael Hauge as the keynote speaker.I could do an editorial kind of blurb let your readers know what I personally got out of the two days.
    It just seems to me that there’s always something going on in every corner of our writer’s world and it would be so interesting to read true accounts of these experiences from people who actually attend.
    Take care and good luck on your site…

  10. HywelaLyn says:

    I agreed with Wynter – also writing tips are always well received, either your own or ask a guest to write some.

    Your Blog looks lovely -you’re very luckyto have such a talented son!

  11. Debra says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more travel pieces.

  12. Sherry Gloag says:

    I’d say youve got it pretty well spot on. I love the erngy here when you enter.
    Best wishes with your new venture. 🙂
    I offer several interviews monthy on my blog and visitor numbers are steadily growing. I’m sure they will here too.

  13. diane burke says:

    Everything you are thinking of doing sounds great! I really like the idea of interviews with other creative types. Both readers and writers can benefit from it. I love hearing about unique places to travel, too. Writing tips and strategies have a thumbs up from me—can never have too many.

    Not interested much in nature blogs. That’s just me personally. Not something I’d specifically click in to read.

    But I’m sure whatever you do decide, knowing you, you will do a wonderful job with it.

    Good luck!

  14. Hi Connie,
    Nice blog, your son did a great job. Reviews and Inteviews are definitely a drawcard.

    All your suggestions have merit.


  15. Lorna Dishman says:


    I really enjoy your blog. I don’t get to comment on it much, but it is very pleasing to the eye. I like all your ideas to improve things. Personally, I appreciate the writers’ tips. I usually find them very helpful in my own writing. Keep up the great work! Lorna

  16. Hey, Connie–I really like your site. I love the color and the picture of you. The only suggestion I have is that you might want to make the menu a little more prominent. I didn’t see it at first. Other that than, I think it’s great. Remember, your blog is not set in stone. You can change it any time you want, add to, take away, move things. Get it up and get it started, then see where it takes you after that! Great job!