Why You Need to Escape Your Comfort Zone

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Captain Connie Mann

Trying new things is often terrifying, at least for me. Stepping out of my routine, leaving the well-worn path of who I think I am and what I’m capable of, scares me. I prefer things comfortable, familiar, expected. Even if I don’t necessarily like the status quo, I understand how it works.

But if we’re chasing a dream, we’re not going to get there from the land of familiar. Comfort zones are quicksand, not springboards. We’re going to have to take risks, dare to try something new. Otherwise, we’ll wake up one day and realize we never accomplished what we wanted to in life.

How Will You Know—If You Don’t Try?

Public speaking has always terrified me. I was the kid who spent hours and hours practicing my speech and then stuttered and stammered when it came time to give it.

So years later, when I was asked to teach 3-5th graders at church every Sunday night, I debated long and hard. I wanted to get past my fear, to communicate, but every Sunday afternoon my stomach churned and I decided I was going to quit.

But then something changed. When I connected with the children, heart to heart, fear took a back seat and I found I loved talking to them. What a revelation! Several months into it, one of the other leaders said, “You know, you’re doing a lot better. Your voice doesn’t shake nearly as much as it used to!”

Confidence Opens New Worlds

Those Sunday nights gave me the confidence to become a boat captain. Besides piloting glass bottom boats, I was also the tour guide. It took a while to get comfortable wearing a microphone, but I got to meet folks from all over the world—and found I loved it! Today, I pilot this beauty for our local school system and get to take 5th graders on the Silver River.

Captain Connie Mann

Captain Connie Mann

Courage Builds Connections with People

These days, I’m still forcing myself beyond my comfort zone. Some days I wonder if I’ll ever find my way back!

Making the Angel Falls video was, frankly, terrifying. Just like those Sunday nights, my stomach churned and I wondered why I’d agreed to such insanity. But I took a deep breath and did it, because I wanted people to see my heart and hear my excitement for the story. Would you take a minute to check out the video? I’d love to know what you think. (Feel free to pass it on, too!) Angel Falls by Connie Mann – Trailer

Tomorrow, I’m getting out of my comfort zone yet again, with a live interview on WOCA radio at 9:35 a.m. (EST). Would love it if you tuned in! Just click here to listen live.

We will never know what we’re capable of unless we try. So take a deep breath. Dive in. You might be surprised by what awaits beyond the fear!

What step do you need to take outside your comfort zone? I’d love to encourage you.

PS—I’m excited to be part of the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt March 22-24. Stop by this weekend to join the fun. We’re giving away lots of great books!

And if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll stop by the Angel Falls Launch Party on Facebook! I’m having a ball meeting people, hosting quizzes, contests, giveaways and more! Come on over!

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