Remember a deep, rich voice drawling, “Welcome to Hollywood. What’s your dream?”

For me, that opening line from the movie Pretty Woman so clearly illustrates both sides of this tricky dream-chasing business. There’s the shiny, impossible, just-out-of-reach dream world on one side, and the seedy reality of life as we know it on the other.

Ah, but that’s where it starts. With an impossible dream.

And a persistent dreamer. Every scene in the movie shows the dogged determination and fierce optimism of our plucky heroine. We madly cheer Vivian (Julia Roberts) on through every trial and tribulation to her Cinderella-style happily-ever-after with Edward (Richard Gere).

 Sigh. If only every dream could be accomplished in 90 minutes, Hollywood style. Frankly, my dream of writing fiction for a living has taken a beating over the years. I quit for a while, became a boat captain (a fun story for another day), but that pesky dream wouldn’t leave me alone. So I wrote some more. My first novel, TRAPPED! is now available and I’m working on two others. I’m still chasing that elusive dream like the bouncing tail of a kite.

Lately, though, I’ve realized my dream has stretched and grown. It’s not just about writing; it’s about encouragement, too. My passion is to write stories filled with hope, adventure, and second chances. Stories that encourage other persistent dreamers on their journey.

 So what dream are you chasing today? How can I encourage you to take that next scary step? If you have a minute, leave me a comment. Let’s talk…get acquainted…and encourage each other on a regular basis. Persistent dreamers unite!