Life seems to throw the unexpected at us with alarming regularity. Whether that unexpected thing is big or small, life-changing or merely annoying, it can blindside us, charging in from waaay out in left field and tossing us on our ear.

Unexpected happened to me this morning. I had overslept a bit, and was eight kinds of disoriented as I stumbled to the kitchen. I turned on the light, reached for my water glass and stuck it under the Fawcett. As I did, something leaped out of the drain right toward my face.

I yelped and jumped back several feet while I shook off whatever just landed on my arm.

As I stood panting, trying to figure out what just happened, I tiptoed back over and finally realized what I was seeing.

A frog.

Now, this is not your garden-variety teensy little tree frog, either. This brown guy was the size of my palm and was eyeing me suspiciously from the front of a kitchen cabinet. I hear you buddy. Not how my morning was supposed to start, either.

I have no idea how he got in. And when I turned my back, he disappeared. Now I don’t know where he went, either. That’ll keep me up tonight.

In 17 years, I’ve never had a frog in my kitchen, especially since the kitchen sits in the middle of the house, nowhere near any doors to the outside.

My unexpected visitor_Connie Mann

My unexpected visitor

Isn’t that the way the unexpected hits sometimes, though? From out of nowhere?

This morning reminded me—again–of the need to take just a moment and THINK before I take action. Those few seconds where we peel ourselves off the ceiling and wait for our heart rate to slide below cardiac-arrest levels are important. They give us a moment to focus before we take action.

The instructor in a recent first aid class stressed this over and over. Especially in a life-or-death situation, those couple seconds to stop and think, to focus, will pay off big-time down the road.

The next time life tosses you an unexpected bill, situation, smart comment–or encounter with a frog—allow yourself those few seconds to think before you act.

Has life handed you any unexpected encounters lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.