Suspense Author Blog Hop: Meet Jordyn Redwood

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Jordyn Redwood


Jordyn Redwood

Suspense Author Jordyn Redwood

I’m very excited about the Suspense Author Blog Hop this week! It’s a great way to meet new authors—and win great books, too! Once you read this post, hop over to the next blog to meet the next author, and so on. (The link is at the end of this post)

BONUS: If you Tweet about the blog hop and/or this post using the hashtag #ILoveSuspense, you’ll be entered in the MEGA drawing for the blog hop authors’ books.

But right now, please join me in welcoming medical suspense author Jordyn Redwood.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Jordyn. I’m delighted to chat with you about writing and chasing dreams. First, though, tell us a bit about yourself, your life and family.

Jordyn: I’m a wife, mother of two wonderful girls age eight and ten, and a pediatric ER nurse—still practicing. In my spare time I’m the author of suspense novels with a heavy medical edge.

How and/or when was the dream to write born?

Jordyn: I’ve always written stories from the time I could pen sentences. I remember having school folders in elementary school with pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse panning for gold and writing a story from the photo. I continued to write stories, scenes and what would be considered novellas through high school. Once I started nursing school, I dropped writing for several years while I focused on my nursing career and family. Around 2006 I decided to pursue my dream of publication and Proof was published in 2012.

How long did it take to go from dream to book contract?

Jordyn: About five years. In 2006, I started focusing on learning the craft of writing by doing lots of reading, attending small and large writer’s conferences, and getting paid critiques. Once those people were consistently telling me my writing was at a publishable level, I began to pitch agents. Greg Johnson with WordServe Literary signed me in late 2009 and I got my first contract in Spring 2011.

That’s wonderful. Tell us about the Bloodline trilogy: Proof, Poison and Peril.

Jordyn:  Proof is about a serial rapist with a genetic defect where DNA testing actually clears him of his crimes. It is a real medical anomaly which makes the scenario that much more frightening. It centers around ER doctor, Lilly Reeves, and her journey of bringing this criminal to justice.

Poison stems from the chapter two hostage incident in Proof where a man, John Samuals, killed half his family based on the commanding hallucination of a being he named Lucent. However, Lucent is now seemingly alive and law enforcement officers that were part of the hostage situation are mysteriously dying. How does a hallucination become a real person and will Keelyn Blake, one of the survivors, figure it out before more people die—including her fiancé and sister?

In Peril, an elite security unit has received neural grafts from fetal cadavers of genetically altered brain cells. The results are remarkable . . . until the recipients begin suffering hallucinations, nightmares, paralysis . . . and death. The situation becomes public when pediatric ICU nurse Morgan Adams, Dr. Reeves’s daughter, is taken hostage by three research subjects in an attempt to force Dr. Reeves into disclosing why they are sick. If answers aren’t revealed within twenty-four hours, patients in the pediatric ICU will be killed.

How are the books connected?

Jordyn: The Bloodline Trilogy really delves into family and though each novel can be read alone—people will have a better experience reading all three as characters and their journeys do carry through all the books. What does it mean to be part of a family? How far does commitment to your family go? Is family just your biological family? And most importantly—what does Christ’s sacrificial offering mean for us?

Poison is out now. How did the idea for that story take root? What started the creative wheels turning?

Poison by Jordyn Redwood

Poison by Jordyn Redwood

Jordyn: The medical mystery in Poison was inspired by a real patient experience. That’s all I’ll say on that.

Ooh, I’m intrigued. But, as an ER nurse, how do you make time to write? Do you have a set schedule? How do you juggle the two parts of your life?

Jordyn: I’ll be the first to say it is challenging and I don’t know if I’ve found the right balance yet. I try to write on the days my girls are in school and I’m not nursing. Unfortunately, when trying to meet deadlines, this will bleed into the evenings and weekends. I want to be better about resting on day per week.

I can definitely relate to that. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not writing?

Jordyn: Snuggling with my girls. Family time. Watching movies. Cross stitching.

What would people be surprised to know about you? Schoolgirl crush? Embarrassing moment? Inconvenient fear?

Jordyn: Wow, so much could be said here. I absolutely hate removing hair from drains and in a house of three girls—there’s a lot of hair around. You’d think working in the ER would make me immune to the gross factor but I leave this job strictly to my husband and I don’t want to see what comes out.

What would you say to other busy women chasing a dream today?

Jordyn: It can be done but it takes being intentional about achieving it. Dreams start from wishing but they never come to fruition that way. Someone once said to me, “What you’re not doing today, you won’t do tomorrow.” There has to be a day when you start reaching for this dream by taking small steps. Eventually, those steps will accumulate and things will start to happen. But—you have to start. Do it today.

Great advice, Jordyn! Thanks so much. Now that you’ve captured our interest, where can readers buy your books?

Proof and Poison are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CBD.

How can readers connect with you?

They can find me at and

Connie, thanks so much for hosting me! It’s been a pleasure being here with you and your readers.

Thank you so much for stopping by Jordyn!

GIVEAWAY: Readers, Jordyn is offering a FREE copy of Poison to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this post!

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  1. karenk says:

    a great posting…thanks for the chance to read Jordyn’s latest novel 😉

  2. Janet Estridge says:

    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway. I would love to win a copy of Jordyn’s book, “Poison” to give to my Church Library.

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  4. Connie Mann says:

    Hi Karen, Hi Janet — Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m really excited about Jordyn’s latest novel!

  5. amyc says:

    Great interview with Jordyn. I have been wanting to read Poison.
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  6. Jan Jackson says:

    Great interview. I’m sure as an ER Nurse, truth is often stranger than fiction!

  7. Randa Greer says:

    I have Poison on my Kindle and am anxious to read it! (as soon as I read Proof : )

  8. Sue Wendt says:

    I think medical thrillers written by someone in the medical field are so much more authentic. Keep writing Jordyn

  9. Ian says:

    What a great idea this bloghop is… congrats to you both & Lynette. A great way of engaging readers.


  10. Connie,

    Thanks so much for hosting me! It was great being here with you and your readers.

    Can’t wait to see who won.