Bulletin Board

New Inspirational Bulletin Board

Anyone else an over-thinker? I fall into that trap far too often, especially when it comes to my to-do list. I’ll finish a task—large or small–and then spend the next three hours—maybe days–trying to decide what to do next. This? Or that? But if I do this, then will I have time for that? And what about…? I can make myself crazy over-thinking and over-analyzing, both of which are just another way of procrastinating. This constant waffling and failure to make a decision lets me fill time without accomplishing a thing. It puts off hard work by giving me a convenient hamster wheel to run on for a few hundred miles. Or days.

I’ve got to get off that wheel!

I’m making progress, though. I don’t have the entire year organized, but I’ve got the first quarter planned and I’m good with that. My new-to-me vintage desk which I love (see One Trick to Reach Your Goals in 2014 to check it out) is almost completely organized, though the file cabinets…well, that’s a project for another decade.

After too many turns on the hamster wheel, I got my new bulletin board up. Instead of tacking up scribbles of paper every which way, I tried to make it look pretty, though I am not a crafty person, much to my mother’s disappointment. (I grew up in a family of crafters and my stubborn insistence on reading a book instead of gluing, beading, painting or sewing, elicited much adult sighing during my childhood.)

But, at the very top of my bulletin board I tacked ONE phrase that is changing everything. Seriously. It’s what I need to get off the hamster wheel.

Just do the next thing.

That’s it. It’s simple and easy. Not to mention oh-so-empowering for this lifelong over-thinker. Finish one item and go directly to the next. Do not stop to think, analyze, doodle, check Facebook or any other social media.

Just do the next thing on the list.

And the next.

What about you? How do you stay off the hamster wheel? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.