Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, we’re so busy, we don’t notice them as we hurry to our next commitment. At other times we ignore them because, as Thomas Edison said, they look a whole lot like work!

But there are certain opportunities we want to snatch up and hold onto, ones we need to make the most of, because they may never come our way again.

I’m not just talking about the creative arena, but in every aspect of life.

I want to be conscious and aware, so I don’t miss these important moments—the big, splashy ones or the small, quiet ones, either. I’m talking about opportunities like:

Milestones – Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, silly anniversaries (my husband and I often reminisce about our first date—where I whooped him at bowling, thank you very much), first homes and mortgage burnings, baptisms, weddings, graduations. Make the effort. Send a card, call, get together or throw a party. Make memories! My parents’ 50th anniversary is coming up and we are preparing, big time.

Accomplishments – Great report cards, promotions, atta-boys, winning goals, music recitals, skinny jeans, book contracts, impressive workouts. Just the other day I typed “THE END” on my current manuscript. Exciting stuff for a writer. We went out to dinner with friends and celebrated. The book isn’t finished yet, but this is an important part of the process. By commemorating accomplishments—ours and others–we instill value in the project and its creator. And is there anything more fun than doing the “Snoop Happy Dance” together?

Relationships – “I love you. I’m sorry. I miss you. How are you? Forgive me.” Have you said those words lately? Relationships are opportunities, too, with a limited timeline. Don’t wait until you’re standing by a hospital bed—or worse, a casket—to say those things to the people you care about. Keep your loved ones close, always.

Divine Appointments – That “random” meeting or conversation that turns into a whole new direction, or job, or friendship or hobby? I recently met Sara Goff online and learned how Lift The Lid encourages impoverished children to be creative. (Read more in Why Your Words Matter) Be open and aware of those opportunities. You never know what’s next…

New Adventures– The desire to anchor firmly on the island of familiar seems to get stronger as we get older. Fight it! Never stop trying new things, learning new thing, tasting different foods, visiting places you’ve never been. Life is an adventure to be lived, not a sentence to be endured! Not long ago, with hubby’s “go for it” ringing in my ear, I got to feed a dolphin—something I’ve always wanted to do.

Feeding Dolphin at Sea World_www.conniemann.com

Feeding a friendly dolphin at Sea World

What about you? As you think about your life, are there opportunities you need to give a bit more attention to—before they slip away?? I’d love to hear what you think.

I don’t want to let this opportunity slip by, either, to tell those of you who’ve been cheering me on during the Angel Falls book launch, thank you, thank you!! You all are awesome!

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