There are times when it seems we work and work and work toward something, and still feel like we’re standing still. Where’s the progress? Where’s the tangible proof of all our efforts? Where’s the payoff?

I am blessed to know many writers and for all of them, at some time or another, being a writer becomes less about writing and more about simply NOT giving up. The rejections keep coming, the criticism flows like water, the story stubbornly refuses to come together. It can be very discouraging.

Silver River on a winter morning

Silver River on a winter morning

But that’s where others walking the same journey matter most. Whether writer or another type of artist, we are in a unique position to encourage those around us. We know what it’s like.

I have been slogging through a frustrating time as a writer, but I keep putting one word in front of another, fixing one word at a time, trying to get it right.

But there are days when I just want to find another job or curl up with a good book.

If this describes where you are today—in whatever dream you are chasing—here is some quick Thursday inspiration and encouragement.

Progress towards a goal…

Living a Life of Meaning…

And Making a Difference in this world

Are not achieved in one big action,

But in small, unnoticed, consistent, daily actions and habits.

And second, to really reach for the stars, we must be attached to the activity, not the outcome.

Be encouraged today. Keep going. Keep reaching for the dream, keep making a difference.

If you have some encouragement to offer fellow dream chasers, I hope you’ll post it in the comments.

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By the way, congrats to Marsha Sample who won the copy of Sharon Sala’s new book, The Curl Up & Dye. If you missed Sharon’s fabulous interview last week, you can read it here: Sharon Sala: Balancing Caregiving with Writing.