Two Things to Remember Today

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Today is Day 6 of National Novel Writing Month. It is also Election Day in the United  States. Somehow, both are making me feel uneasy and unsettled. I worry about who will win the election and who will lose and how the outcome will affect not only my life, but my children’s lives. On a much smaller scale, I worry about my novel, how it will turn out, who will be affected by it, whether it will make a difference in this great big world

As I’ve fretted about both situations, I’ve been reminded of several things:

Trust The One Who Sees the Big Picture

My favorite saying is borrowed from my good friend Gaye Martin. She has often reminded me that when things are uncertain, “God is not in heaven wringing His hands over this situation.”

At no point is the Great Creator saying, “Oh no, what to do, what to do?” That gives me great comfort.

Trust The Process

In many places on earth, people risk their lives if they vote. Many have been killed because they dared to show up on Election Day. We have the freedom to walk boldly into a polling place, to put signs on our lawns proclaiming our favorite candidate—and never worry that those simple acts will cost us our very breath.

I hope we never take the privilege of casting a ballot for granted. Many countries look at us with awe and envy. We hold elections without violence, before or after the vote. We move forward with the understanding that no matter who wins or loses, we are first and foremost Americans, and we are grateful and proud to be so.

When it comes to the possibilities presented by the much smaller world of my novel, I have to remind myself of the same thing: trust the process. There is an order and a sequence to it. After writing eight novels, I may not like it, but I’ve learned to accept the highs and lows that accompany the birth of a book. I’m always sure my words are dreck, horrible, worthless, and not worth the trees that died to print them. But I keep writing anyway.

On this Election Day, be sure you cast your ballot. Let your voice be heard. Then come home and take those next steps in your project, wobbly and uncertain though they are. We will get through the uncertainty and the uneasiness if we trust the One who sees the big picture–and trust the process.

Are you feeling uncertain and unsettled today? How do you handle it?

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    The Conversation

  1. Julie Steele says:

    Great reminder, Connie. I feel the same way. I am working on Advent cards today, losing myself in the writing others, and praying that whoever wins will have the support and respect to do the job that needs to be done.

    Peace and thanks, Julie

  2. Elizabeth Camden says:

    This blog entry was just what I needed today! I’ve been getting waaaay too wraped up in this election and it has been rattling me. I loved the nonsensical image of God wringing his hands in anxiety. What a perfect way to help put things in perspective!

    • Connie Mann says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad. That’s exactly why I love that quote, too! It’s ludicrous to think God worries like we do–so it reminds me to quit worrying! Glad the post encouraged you.

  3. Lisa Rayns says:

    Great post. May God bless America and Nano too.

  4. Well put, Connie. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me. Sometimes I do forget that God never wrings his hands. 🙂

  5. Norma Pascuales says:

    Thanks for words well said, Connie. After reading them, I am going to vote and then return to write words of my own which hopefully will be well-written – I’m back and forth between polishing my first novel and writing the sequel. May God bless you, your writing, and your family and our country!

    Norma Pascuales

  6. Laura Kirkland says:

    Thanks for the excellent reminders about keeping things in perspective, Connie. I’ve been struggling with uncertainty lately as well, and you give some excellent reminders of why we shouldn’t worry. I’ve been reading the book Embracing Uncertainty by Susan Jeffers, which helps remind me that when I try to control the outcome of a situation, I wind up being disappointed.

    • Connie Mann says:

      Hi Laura, it can be hard, can’t it? I’ll have to look up that book. I’m not familiar with it. Thanks for recommending it! Just keep writing–and keep trusting!

  7. Maddy says:

    Am I feeling unsettled today? Yes, I am. I expect most of us are. Not just the book and the election [and the dentist today] but all the other stuff. I’m not waiting for [the other] boot to fall, because it’ll fall regardless of what I do. My role it catch it, even though I don’t know when or where. It’s a case of being in a state of constant readiness or hyper-vigilance. Might sound a bit stressful, but I handle it by placing that segment of chaos in a very small box at the back of my brain. I don’t know when the Jack-in-the-box will pop but until then, my mind is free to roam to more pleasant pastures.

  8. Ruth says:

    You always come up with such inspiring posts!