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Survey: How do you buy books?


Today’s publishing world is changing, no question. E-books, especially, are having a big impact on how readers interact with books. But with so many opinions and statistics flying around, I decided to conduct my own survey right here.

I want to know what YOU think. How do you buy books? Would you take a minute to answer the questions below? To thank you for your time, I’ll be giving away a FREE print copy of Angel Falls to one lucky commenter!

Would you pass this link along, too? I’d be thrilled to get a ton of opinions.

Q: Where do you buy your books?

  • Online retailer (Amazon, B&N, Christianbook, etc.)
  • Local Bookstore (Independent or Chain)
  • Big Box Retailer (Walmart, Target, Sam’s)
  • Used bookstore
  • I Don’t—I check them out from library

Q: How do you choose your books?

  • Recommendations from friends/relatives
  • Reviews
  • I know the author
  • Cover copy looks interesting

Q: Do you prefer to read print or e-books?

Q: Do you look to see who the publisher is?

  • Always
  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Doesn’t matter to me

Q: If you like a book, do you:

  • Write an online review (Amazon, Goodreads)
  • Recommend to friends
  • Promote on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest)
  • Buy for friends
  • Lend friends your copy

Q: If you downloaded a free copy from an author and loved it, how likely are you to buy other books they’ve written?

Q: How do you feel about book trailers? (click to view the Angel Falls trailer)

  • Love them
  • Hate them
  • Don’t watch them
  • They don’t affect my buying decisions

Q: If you watch book trailers, do you prefer movie-style or author-interview style (aka Angel Falls style) trailers?

Please leave your answers in the comments, with my heartfelt thanks.

On Friday, one lucky commenter will win a FREE copy of Angel Falls (print, US only).

Stay tuned…I’ll compile the results and let you know what I learned! Thanks so much!