This week, I’ve been thinking about my Mom and the impact she’s had on my life. Being a list maker, I started jotting things down and the list kept growing and growing. I know I could add hundreds more items, but I’ll stop here. Mom, this Mother’s Day, here are some of the things I’m thankful for. Love you!

Three Generations, 1968

Me with Mom and Omi (grandma), 1968


  • Giving me life
    Holding my hand
    Giving hugs–even when I deserved a spanking
    Instilling your faith and love for God in me
    The “time out” chair
    Little notes written on the napkin in my lunch box
    Icky chores
    Showing me how to act in public
    A can of mandarin oranges every year for my birthday
    Teaching me manners
    Taking me to Sunday School and Church
    “The Look”
    Showing me how to catch fireflies
    Home perms and soup-bowl haircuts
    Teaching me right from wrong
    Popsicle stick art projects
    Sparklers on the 4th of July
    Forcing me outside to play
    Plaster of Paris projects, embroidery, sewing
    Strawberry picking
    Taking me to the library and Bookmobile
    Limits and curfews
    Halloween costumes made from curtains
    A love of surprises
    Cooking and baking lessons
    Visits to the nursing home
    Mandatory piano lessons
    Inviting “alone” folks for holidays
    Yard sale savvy
    Taking care of the neighbors
    Recycling–before it was called that
    German food
    Making holidays special
    The courage to try new things
    Always loving me

What do you remember most about growing up? What are you grateful to Mom for this Mother’s Day?