Every once in a while, a random thought burrows deep into my brain and won’t let go. That happened the other day. I started thinking, “What if I found out tomorrow was my last day on earth? What would I regret NOT doing?” 

I’m not talking about things I DO regret. If you’re like me, that list is longer than a roll of toilet paper. Dumb things we did when we were young. Even dumber, hurtful things we did when we were old enough to know better. And then there are the unthinking, careless things that exploded all over someone else’s life.  Selfishness, anger, general ugliness. But those aren’t what I mean.

I mean the things I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet gotten around to—for whatever reason. Some of them are due to lack of money. Others are due to lack of opportunity. Wrong timing, etc.

What about you? What long-neglected dream just popped into your mind? If money were no object? If you had time? What would you do?

I grabbed paper and pen and made a list, naturally. A few of the items I’ve done—yay! Others are no longer as important. But there is one, especially, that’s still out there. It lingers just off-stage in my subconscious mind, ready to hop out at unexpected times and tug on my heart. “What about me?” it asks. “When is it my turn?”

The harsh reality is that unless and until I take some concrete steps in that direction, this dream will stay locked in the land of might-have-been. I’m not okay with that.

Nobody will hand us the time, money or opportunity to turn a longing into reality. Only we can do that. And it isn’t going to happen in one fell swoop, either, like the aftermath of a fairy godmother’s magic wand. It will require deliberate effort. Sacrifice. Courage—because doing anything new meets with 90 miles of resistance, both from inside us and without. But I’m going to take that first step.

Will you join me?