The week between Christmas and New Year’s is generally one of reflection for me. I take down the previous year’s calendar and compare what I had planned to do with what I actually did–or didn’t–accomplish. Then I put up the new calendar and start thinking about goals for the coming year.

But this year, before rushing off to create a towering to-do list, I first took a step
back and started asking questions. Perhaps these will help shape your planning
as well.

Do I like what I’m doing?

Right now, this minute. And if not, what little thing can you do to make your current circumstances better? Then take a mental step back and ask this question on a much larger scale. How are you spending your days on this earth? Do you enjoy your life? Your job? If not, what are you going to do about it? Change begins with questions.

How do I want to change the world?

Or, how do I want the world to be different because I lived in it? This question has echoed in my heart for quite some time. Our time here will make an impact–maybe on a huge, worldwide scale, or maybe to a hand full of special people. Maybe you’re here to write wonderful books, play beautiful songs on a clarinet, bake incredible pies or raise a loving family. Think about the impact you want to make and live with that in mind. Live on purpose.

Why do I like {Snickers} better than {housework}?

I borrowed this question from life coach Martha Beck because it really made me think. Go ahead and insert your own preferences into the blanks. There are certain things, activities and people we simply like better than others. We waste lots of energy and create all sorts of issues for ourselves trying to force affection because we feel we “should.” There is freedom in admitting our preferences–even just to ourselves.

Hopefully, asking yourself these questions will give you insight into your God-given destiny and encourage you to live life on purpose. Visualize your dreams and take steps to reach them. Don’t live 2012 by accident.

I’d love to hear what impact you want to have…


PS–If you read The Christmas Gift, I’d love to hear what you thought of Sophie and Will’s story.