Where Are Your Goals?

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Several years ago, there was a great television commercial that always made me sit up and take notice.  Late in the evening, a deep-voiced narrator would come on and say: “It’s 11:00 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?”

Every time I heard it I’d stop and take a mental inventory to be sure I did, in fact, know where my children were. I loved the ad because it reminded me to pay attention to the passing of time. It’s so easy to get involved in something else and not realize how late it really is.

The same can be said for our lives, and more specifically, the goals we’ve set for ourselves. It’s the middle of April. Here in the US, income tax is due tomorrow, which means the mad scramble is underway at my house.

What about your goals for 2011? Remember all those lofty plans you made last December and early January? How are you doing with those? Do you even remember what you planned to accomplish this year?

Take a minute to find your list. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It took me a minute to unearth mine, too. Pull out your goal sheet, blow the dust off it and read it over. I finally did that with mine the other day and it made me gasp. One quarter of 2011 is already gone.

Here are the hard questions I asked myself—and am now asking you: how much progress have you made towards your goals??

If you continue at the rate you’re going, will you complete the tasks you set for yourself by December 31, 2011?

And if not, what are you going to do about it?

I’ll be honest. Lining my goals sheet up with my calendar lit a fire under me. I am way behind. I cleared my calendar, hunkered down in my home office and finally, finally, finally finished a story I’ve been futzing with since last year. My plan was to get it in the mail by the end of January. I’m happy to say, though, that as of yesterday, it is winging its way to an editor. Despite my frustration with how long it’s taken me, it feels good to check that off my list.

So what about you? What have you already accomplished this year that we can celebrate with you? And if you need a bit of encouragement in reaching your goals, how can we cheer you on?


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    The Conversation

  1. You got me to pull mine out, Connie! I’ve accomplished three of my goals, to do a final proofread and submit my novel. It’s now under contract and edits will begin next week.

    I also completed a list of short story ideas I want to write for magazines and I finished the first draft of a novella.

    I may not have enough time to complete the rest of my goals, though, because another project I hadn’t anticipated came up, so I’ll do my best to work everything in by the end of this year, despite also having to work through contracted edits and proofs. I’m going to give it my best try, but I won’t kill myself. If I can’t get to it all, there’s always next year. LOL.

    • Connie Mann says:

      Congrats on getting the book submitted and under contract! That’s wonderful. As for unexpected surprises, those can often be very good things. Thanks for sharing your great progress! I’m inspired to keep moving with my list of goals.

  2. Karen says:

    I’m about 75% on track with my goals for 2011. I entered my chosen first quarter contest and continue to do what I call my Sunday Review, which is to sit down every Sunday evening and list my accomplishments for the week. Daily writing got lost in the shuffle after I discovered the Mistress of the Art of Death books, but things are getting back to normal now. Going back to chapter meetings was a big help, too. I do believe I will come very close to accomplishing my goals this year!

    • Connie Mann says:

      Karen, 75% on track is wonderful!! Way to go on entering a contest. And I love the “Sunday Review”–what a great idea. I may have to steal–I mean, incorporate–that idea! Thanks for sharing–and keep going! Keep me posted so I can cheer you on!

  3. Sheila says:

    Just made a to-do list for today. I revisited my goals for this year and like you, I’m way behind. But with the help of good writing buddies, I’ve sent WIP’s to contests and received good feedback. I think my problem(s) involve being both tired and disorganized–which feed into my negativity. Thanks for the post!

    • Connie Mann says:

      You’re welcome, Sheila! Way to go on getting your to-do list made and making forward progress. Tired and disorganized can derail the best of us! Hope you get some rest–to go along with the organization! 🙂