Keep Dreaming

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Keep Dreaming

I trust your summer is going well — and that you are taking time to keep dreaming, to laugh with loved ones, to make memories, and to try new things.

I hope you are taking the time, making the time, to live. And to dream.

Keep Dreaming

Keep Dreaming…Keep Living…

I love the Words to Dream By I saw posted recently. This collection of quotes made me smile — and encouraged me to keep dreaming. I hope it will do the same for you.

I’m also delighted to be a guest this week on my friend Jamie Janosz’s blog.  

Here is an excerpt of  When Expectations Don’t Fit

I’ve spent a good bit of my life feeling like I escaped the island of misfit toys. As a little girl, I dressed the cat in my doll clothes and climbed the neighbor’s tree so I could read, uninterrupted. I wore my hair boy-short, but was mortified when the elementary school principal once called me, “young man.”

I’ve never been a girly-girl. I’ve always loved pink, but if it comes with ruffles or lace, no thank you. I choose clothes based on comfort, not fashion. I don’t polish my fingernails, because they’ll be chipped by noon. Toenails? Yes, those get polish.

I come from a family of crafters, but my creative ability showed up in stories, not samplers. I still have half-completed cross-stitch pictures from when I was twelve. Much to my family’s disappointment, while my female relations glued and painted and sewed, I snuck off to an obscure corner with a novel or a notebook, hoping no one would notice.

A while back, I got a captain’s license from the USCG. It took almost a year to get that credential and I absolutely love my job. But more than once when I’ve told someone what I do, the response has been, “You? You’re a boat captain?” Followed by gales of laughter.

Please click here to keep reading…

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I am working on a new story this summer, and being deliberate about spending time with family and friends. I’d love to know what you’re working on, too. Just drop me a line in the comments or stop by and say hello on Facebook.

Keep Dreaming!


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    The Conversation

  1. diane says:

    Being comfortable in your own skin and reasonable with expectations—the recipe for inner peace and happiness! So true! Great blog as always, Connie. Thanks!

  2. Martha says:

    Good insights, Connie.