When my very talented web designer son helped me set up my blog, I thought I wanted everything basic and simple. But I’ve discovered since that I want it to do a bit more than I realized.

So this is where you come in, if you’re willing.  My goal with my site is to offer encouragement and inspiration to others traveling a journey similar to mine. How can I do a better job with that?

I want this to be a place you stop by regularly to see what’s new; a place to get inspired to keep going, keep chasing your dreams.

 What features would you like to see?

 Here are some ideas I’ve been toying with:

  • More interviews with writers, artists, photographers and creative types from all areas.
  • Some travel pieces (from my own trips & others)
  • Book reviews – fiction and non-fiction
  • Writing tips and strategies
  • Spotlights on ministries, businesses & those who made them happen
  • The occasional bit of home décor and quick recipes
  • More photos throughout the site
  • More nature-based blogs

Do any of those ideas appeal to you in a great way? What other things would you like to see here?

I so appreciate that you take the time to drop by and read what I’ve written. I am honored, especially because I know your schedules are as jam-packed as mine.

I want to make sure my blog is worth your time. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions on making this blog your one-stop shop for inspiration and encouragement!

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

 Have an awesome day!