Happy New Year, everyone! I took a break from my computer over the holidays to spend time with family—which was lots of fun—and to deal with technical issues—which were definitely NOT fun. But the time away was an important emotional rest and helped re-energize me for the coming year.

I love spending time with all of you and hope your holiday season was filled with joy and laughter, and that you’re excited about the possibilities the New Year brings. I know I am.

The past couple of years, instead of making resolutions—which I’ve usually broken by now—I started choosing a motto for the year.

I also set some practical goals, but let’s talk about that next week. This week is for thinking big and dreaming big dreams.

So, what’s Your motto for 2013?

I ask myself this question and let it simmer a while. I want a phrase that describes an attitude, a mindset and a direction I want to go and explore. I spend time thinking, praying, walking, reading and soul-searching.

Eventually, the answer comes, usually as a whisper. I’m often surprised initially, but then I get excited.

My motto for 2013 is simply this: BE BRAVE.

Those two words encompass so much. They call me to push out of my comfort zone–even though I’m tempted to do the same old things in the same old ways.

This year, I want to try new things and meet new people. I want to taste new foods, see new places and do things differently in my relationships, my writing, my life.

Instead of buying each other socks, tools or jewelry for Christmas, hubby and I bought each other new bicycles. We spent New Year’s Day riding them along Daytona Beach.

Connie Mann - Be Brave

BE BRAVE this year!


I want to take risks. That means I’ll need courage. Guts. Determination. I’ll have to face my fear of failure—and fear of success—and take chances.

In big things or small, I don’t want to miss out because fear has a hold of my ankles. I don’t want to shrink back and make excuses when opportunity comes knocking.

I plan to take a deep breath and dive into life, full tilt. No hiding. No dipping my toe in from shore.

I’m ready to take the plunge.

How about you? What’s your motto for 2013?